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Easily convert dates to multiple calendars

Just choose a date with the date picker and the converted date will automatically show in the available calendars below. You will also see additional information such as weekday, thai color of the day and Chinese zodiac sign, among other things. By the way, it's an app!
And it's free!

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Also An Age Calculator

Kalendio is also an age calculator. Set the date picker to your birthday and see how many minutes you lived, how many days until your next birthday or what star sign you are. Now even includes a dog age calculator.

Kalendio supported calendars

Gregorian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, Indian Civil, Mayan and Ethiopian
  • Chinese
  • Japan
  • Thai
  • Hebrew
  • Islamic
  • Persian
  • Indian Civil
  • Mayan
  • Ethiopia


If you want to get in contact with us, whether for support, report a bug or just shooting the breeze, send an email to hello@kalend.io

Privacy Policy

The Kalendio app does not collect any personal data. The calendar settings are stored locally on the phone and are only available inside the app itself. When the app is removed, the settings are removed with it.


Parts of the functionality are adapted from the Fourmilab Calendar Converter by John Walker. The document is in the public domain.

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